Friday, September 22, 2006

Suggest some important issues for us to discuss.

Post your comments to this message to suggest a topic for us to draft a Political Position Letter.

What is an issue you feel strongly about? Suggest it here with a brief summary of your opinion.

Let's find the perfect solutions to political issues!

In today's world of bitter, divisive, partisan politics it seems very little gets done by the government because the Democrats and Republicans never reach a consensus agreement on any important issues. If one party takes a stand on an issue the other party will automatically take the other side. There is rarely any negotiating or bi-partisan effort to solve the problem.

On this blog we will select major issues in urgent need of government action. We will discuss them and everyone will have a chance to express their opinions. Then we will attempt to draft a consensus statement and mail it off to all applicable politicians that have the power to help enact governmental policy. Hopefully, if we can come to agreement on a workable solution, our efforts will have a positive effect on the politicians and influence public policy!